Woman Claims She Raised a Baby Bigfoot

Woman Claims She Raised a Baby Bigfoot
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A woman claims she helped raise a Bigfoot between the years 1964 and 1972. L. Melacetti, 70, says she found the animal when he was a baby, abandoned in the swamps of Louisiana.

“He was so little, so cute. I had to do something about it. He was so defenseless, laying next to the mud and water, curled, crying like a baby, his parents were either dead or they had abandoned him,” the ex-farmer  said.

The hominid, Melacetti explained, was 20 pounds and had a hairless face that “did not look like a human’s nor a monkey’s.”

“He accepted me as a friend right away. I took him home only for three nights to nurse him back to health.”

In the course of those three days, she fed the Bigfoot anything she had at hand, from lettuce and tomatoes, to eggs and goat milk. And he liked tomatoes very much.

“He’d take them away from my hands and eat them whole. His favorite ones were brandywine, although he seemed to enjoy the cherry tomatoes too.”

After releasing the animal back into the wilderness, it kept coming back to Melacetti’s small house.

“So, every time he came back, usually during evening, when most people weren’t around, I’d give him more food.”

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  1. Tattie Boagul
    Tattie Boagul 15 September, 2015, 18:20

    ah mrs henderson ! did you name it harry ?

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  2. John Picou
    John Picou 15 September, 2015, 18:26

    False Flag imminent!!

      Reply this comment
  3. Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 15 September, 2015, 18:28

    Jay Kwin

      Reply this comment
  4. Happy Days Goldfinder
    Happy Days Goldfinder 15 September, 2015, 18:35

    I had a bigfoot once… It was the tablets, I stopped taking them……

      Reply this comment
  5. Johnny Espinoza
    Johnny Espinoza 15 September, 2015, 18:35

    That’s a monkey

      Reply this comment
  6. Lee Jizzle Morgan
    Lee Jizzle Morgan 15 September, 2015, 18:37

    She raised a baby that was hairy and was probably hers and she didn’t want to claim it as her own lol. These people kill me with this misinformation.

      Reply this comment
  7. Susie Brown
    Susie Brown 15 September, 2015, 18:39

    This is not solid.

      Reply this comment
  8. Simon Emberton
    Simon Emberton 15 September, 2015, 18:42

    I am claiming this woman must have a large vagina when giving birth to a creature with such big feet, or as we all know she is a halfwitted mongaloid.

      Reply this comment
  9. Mark Sannuti
    Mark Sannuti 15 September, 2015, 18:47

    and not one clear picture? yeah okay….?

      Reply this comment
  10. Lee Arnott
    Lee Arnott 15 September, 2015, 18:54

    What bullshit

      Reply this comment
  11. Steven Rowe
    Steven Rowe 15 September, 2015, 18:55

    I want what she’s on.!

      Reply this comment
  12. TJ Rash
    TJ Rash 15 September, 2015, 18:55

    well if this really did happen not sayin it did not sayin it didn’t this woman is a credit to the whole human race we could all learn from her experiance

      Reply this comment
  13. Daniel Neu
    Daniel Neu 15 September, 2015, 19:24

    Hmmm where is the baby now? Oh a dingo must have eaten it

      Reply this comment
  14. Steve Ghdaye
    Steve Ghdaye 15 September, 2015, 19:25
      Reply this comment
  15. Helen L. Gauthier
    Helen L. Gauthier 15 September, 2015, 19:43

    That photo is the only proof she has?

      Reply this comment
  16. Polina Yerkhov
    Polina Yerkhov 15 September, 2015, 20:50

    very interesting…what the hell was she using ?

      Reply this comment
  17. Travis Nevels
    Travis Nevels 15 September, 2015, 20:53

    who the fuck is L. Melacetti ? nice try shills

      Reply this comment
  18. Ron Orr
    Ron Orr 15 September, 2015, 20:56

    Rick Solano

      Reply this comment
  19. Pete C Anderson
    Pete C Anderson 15 September, 2015, 21:00

    She supposedly raises a bigfoot? But of course the only one image she has is blurry. next story please.


      Reply this comment
  20. Binski Alamo
    Binski Alamo 15 September, 2015, 21:06

    sounds like a tear jerker, movie of the week!

      Reply this comment
  21. Tom Manion
    Tom Manion 15 September, 2015, 21:29

    That’s no way to talk about your child

      Reply this comment
  22. Sameer Ranjan
    Sameer Ranjan 15 September, 2015, 21:46

    Crazy human

      Reply this comment
  23. Robert Harrington
    Robert Harrington 15 September, 2015, 21:56

    Bigfoot lives near Boston he use to

      Reply this comment
    • Tattie Boagul
      Tattie Boagul 15 September, 2015, 22:11

      yes but due to cut backs at jacamo boston branch he relocated to jd sports shoe depo in mississippi , worked out well , now gets all the ex window display stock and is know in certain circles as big shoes and has a great health and dental plan . glad it worked out for him . i love a happy ending :)

        Reply this comment
  24. Paulie Garcia
    Paulie Garcia 16 September, 2015, 00:24

    I raised a chupacabra in nyc

      Reply this comment
  25. E.L.White
    E.L.White 16 September, 2015, 01:24

    nice crisp clear photo

      Reply this comment
  26. Franco V Scavino
    Franco V Scavino 16 September, 2015, 01:39

    Bigfoot is the GOP front runner…!!

      Reply this comment
  27. Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 16 September, 2015, 03:14

    Luke McCoy

      Reply this comment
  28. Joseph Alcock
    Joseph Alcock 16 September, 2015, 04:53

    Maybe Bigfoot was genitically created by the Greys as a conspiracy to reinvent the show Xfiles but instead of David Ducoveny they chose Brad Pitt and tell him to speak with an African Asian accent

      Reply this comment
  29. Jack Janssen
    Jack Janssen 16 September, 2015, 05:04

    O.M.G. it’s Tony.

      Reply this comment
  30. Bob De Mars
    Bob De Mars 16 September, 2015, 05:07

    Seems legit

      Reply this comment
  31. Gina Ramirez
    Gina Ramirez 16 September, 2015, 06:19

    Van Turner

      Reply this comment
  32. Tane Mc Donald
    Tane Mc Donald 16 September, 2015, 07:18

    Vincenzo Banksy yeti lands

      Reply this comment
  33. Gaye Hatcher- Hessey- Craddock
    Gaye Hatcher- Hessey- Craddock 16 September, 2015, 12:06

    More bollocks!!

      Reply this comment
  34. Colin Mcgilvray
    Colin Mcgilvray 16 September, 2015, 12:17

    1964 no digital cameras you would either have to send the film off or take it to be developed and that would attract attention

      Reply this comment
  35. Connie J Klein
    Connie J Klein 16 September, 2015, 12:57

    i bet she doesnt have any photos at all. and can’t remember what year she did it also, she needs Meds.

      Reply this comment
  36. Steven Dale Ciechan
    Steven Dale Ciechan 16 September, 2015, 13:02

    Lol sorry but Bigfoot is not real!! If it was .. Why are there NEVER any remains found… No one ever gets a clear picture. Just a hoax.

      Reply this comment

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