Possible Alien Hybrid Found Dead?

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A man who lived in a home filled with guns and whose decomposed body was found in an SUV in Pacific Palisades was believed to be a human/alien hybrid secretly working with the U.S. government by his fiancée and a missing Oxnard woman who worked for her, according to the fiancée’s mother.

Dawn VadBunker of Oxnard was last seen by her family on the same day 60-year-old Jeffery Lash died. Lash has not been officially identified as the man whose body was reported to police on July 17, but his former attorney confirmed his name to KTLA.

VadBunker’s mother believes her 39-year-old daughter has been caught in the middle of a mysterious death investigation and may be suffering from a mental breakdown.

According to Laura VadBunker, her daughter believes Lash was an alien “sent to earth to protect us.”

“I can’t believe this,” Laura VadBunker told KTLA in a telephone interview. “It’s worse than a Twilight Zone movie and we’ve lived through hell.”

Nebron and Dawn VadBunker believed Lash was a secret government agent, but not entirely human.

“He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world,” Laura VadBunker said.

Nebron didn’t notify authorities when Lash died because she thought the secret agencies he worked for would come and collect his body, she told Braun.

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  1. Bryan Ramirez
    Bryan Ramirez 27 July, 2015, 15:18

    ThIs story is actually believable but how come they never showed the pic of the so called alien??

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  2. Jenna Onestone
    Jenna Onestone 27 July, 2015, 15:21

    Lots more out there

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  3. Adnan Hasičić
    Adnan Hasičić 27 July, 2015, 15:24

    He looks like Lord Waldemart. xD

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  4. John Sutherland
    John Sutherland 27 July, 2015, 15:31

    Doesn’t add up.. not convinced

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    • Mikey Doyle
      Mikey Doyle 27 July, 2015, 16:28

      But your right though.. something definitely doesn’t add up.. but not in his story in the media

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    • Mikey Doyle
      Mikey Doyle 27 July, 2015, 16:29

      Plus they have yet to search his other various lock ups and units.. but it will be classified John won’t it. And no one will have ever been there after their searched

        Reply this comment
    • John Sutherland
      John Sutherland 27 July, 2015, 16:39

      It’s his story coupled with the fact that it’s actually even in the media that doesn’t add up.. the cia aren’t that sloppy. If he was under constant surveillance they would have been the first on the scene covering it up especially as apparently they knew what he was… I also doubt he’d be in a position to inform civilians of his envolvement with the cia and extraterrestrial origins, placing them in danger of being ‘silenced’

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  5. Christian Iles
    Christian Iles 27 July, 2015, 15:34

    Pics? Autopsy report?

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  6. Vanessa Mike
    Vanessa Mike 27 July, 2015, 15:35

    Awww RIP alien

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  7. Ivanier Robles
    Ivanier Robles 27 July, 2015, 15:35

    They real and they out here somewhere

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  8. Sal Junior
    Sal Junior 27 July, 2015, 15:38

    Government doesn’t want it to add up…

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  9. P Luis Roman
    P Luis Roman 27 July, 2015, 15:46

    Robert Lash- read about him on Saturday

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  10. Badd Penny
    Badd Penny 27 July, 2015, 15:47

    That picture looks like Mark Lanegan.

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  11. Amber Salzido
    Amber Salzido 27 July, 2015, 15:50

    Pretty sure that’s Voldemort

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  12. Iulia Ioana
    Iulia Ioana 27 July, 2015, 15:56

    almost all species with live on Terra is alien include human !
    a long time ago (only a few thousands years), human species IT WAS CREATED (“born”?!) with highest precision !
    man is a special creation …

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  13. Asomewhat Abnormal Guy
    Asomewhat Abnormal Guy 27 July, 2015, 15:57

    It’s an intriguing story. Would like to know more about the storage units he had.

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  14. Connie J Klein
    Connie J Klein 27 July, 2015, 15:58

    doesn’t surprise me none.

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  15. Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray 27 July, 2015, 15:59

    Very strange

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  16. Marc Desrochers
    Marc Desrochers 27 July, 2015, 16:00

    I dont understand. What happened to the body? Why not showing a picture of the man to discredit the alien theory then?

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  17. Vinny Strzelecki
    Vinny Strzelecki 27 July, 2015, 16:03

    Why so many weapons what was he afraid of? That’s what I wanna know

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  18. Paola Pg
    Paola Pg 27 July, 2015, 16:10

    Mario Palma…sera ??

      Reply this comment
  19. Tesha Harrop
    Tesha Harrop 27 July, 2015, 16:20

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Reply this comment
  20. Kevin Best
    Kevin Best 27 July, 2015, 16:25

    She won’t turn up she knows too much !!!!

      Reply this comment
  21. Leslie Hrdlicka
    Leslie Hrdlicka 27 July, 2015, 16:27

    Hes cute

      Reply this comment
  22. Martin Leworthy
    Martin Leworthy 27 July, 2015, 16:36

    Nick Westlake

      Reply this comment
  23. Elliot Wright
    Elliot Wright 27 July, 2015, 16:48

    My question is how was he a hybrid? Like… Any facial features or something?

      Reply this comment
  24. Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson 27 July, 2015, 16:48

    Who wants to see about that has been decomposing for a week or two? It would look like an alien for sure haha.

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  25. Jon Ejaret Birb
    Jon Ejaret Birb 27 July, 2015, 16:50

    Is that a photoshopped picture of James Hetfield?

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  26. Pascal Balancy
    Pascal Balancy 27 July, 2015, 16:51

    Je reste cent vois sur tout ca

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  27. Craiggario DiMartini
    Craiggario DiMartini 27 July, 2015, 16:55

    What is this #reptilianlivesmatter protest?

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  28. Oz Matterhorn
    Oz Matterhorn 27 July, 2015, 17:00

    $5,000,000 in guns? 6 ton ammo?
    That’s unreal…

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  29. Aleksandar Miljic
    Aleksandar Miljic 27 July, 2015, 17:15

    da,to možete da nađete posle svake jače kiše!!!!!

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  30. Aleksandar Miljic
    Aleksandar Miljic 27 July, 2015, 17:15

    pa jbt…

      Reply this comment
  31. Robert Consley
    Robert Consley 27 July, 2015, 17:16

    Looks more like a hairy Potter hybrid

      Reply this comment
  32. Brian Gilbert
    Brian Gilbert 27 July, 2015, 17:28

    Horse shit!!

      Reply this comment
  33. Tony Lawes
    Tony Lawes 27 July, 2015, 17:40

    I dout he looked liked this picture because he was married

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  34. Lance Burnim
    Lance Burnim 27 July, 2015, 17:41

    hey is that Caitlyn Jenner wow its uglier then i thought lol

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  35. Hyla ZenBaby Glor
    Hyla ZenBaby Glor 27 July, 2015, 17:42

    Bud LaRosa you’ve been warning me about this for years.

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  36. Haze Vazquez
    Haze Vazquez 27 July, 2015, 17:50

    no autopsy report = bullshit. this is just speculation.

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  37. Donna Marie Murphy
    Donna Marie Murphy 27 July, 2015, 18:28

    What would an alien or *demon need cash n guns for? That tells me it’s fake lol

      Reply this comment
  38. Danny Hood
    Danny Hood 27 July, 2015, 18:49

    I hope there are more out there. If I ever meet meet one I’m helping them out. Human race needs to be bumped back on course.

      Reply this comment
  39. Daniel Leahy
    Daniel Leahy 27 July, 2015, 19:06

    Jared Keidge

      Reply this comment
  40. Clay Bohler
    Clay Bohler 27 July, 2015, 19:31

    Ray Curtsinger

      Reply this comment
  41. Stuart Dewsbury
    Stuart Dewsbury 27 July, 2015, 19:48

    Alien? That’s Mark laneghan!!!

      Reply this comment
  42. Bernie O'Keeffe
    Bernie O'Keeffe 27 July, 2015, 20:01

    Is that Brian Cox?

      Reply this comment
  43. Roger Salazar
    Roger Salazar 27 July, 2015, 20:28

    David Bush

      Reply this comment
  44. Monalisa Langes
    Monalisa Langes 27 July, 2015, 20:36

    Renato Kaneshiro olha este ete

      Reply this comment
  45. Fraser H Jonathan
    Fraser H Jonathan 27 July, 2015, 20:39

    This story as difficult as is is to get ones head around my question is this…a picture of the man who died…not in his dead state just an image? KTLA5 from my own experience is sensationalist and most will report anything…show me a photo of the apparent hybrid…let me decide for myself…after spending a number of years going to LA…i have to say they love to report but leave out vital elements in order to make the story complete.. for me KTLA was very much a station like all the others in sensationalist..mover dramatic and would literally be trying to out bullshit its competitors…i wont deny its timing is interesting …with ufo phenomena being at an all time high….the fact that this story has placed its self in oxnard in a regular street just like any where else in america…why is it that all of a sudden the main stream media is interested…disclosure has been rumoured to be coming for a long time….is this the beginning or is it just another crazy town yarn of a tale thats just being chucked out there to distract the masses from the the obvious underhanded political dealings of the corrupt california government.

      Reply this comment
  46. Anirudha Mukherjee
    Anirudha Mukherjee 27 July, 2015, 20:42

    Alien hybrid or a congenital deformity?

      Reply this comment
  47. Leo Santojo
    Leo Santojo 27 July, 2015, 21:12

    Agent 47.

      Reply this comment
  48. John Christopher Nolan
    John Christopher Nolan 27 July, 2015, 21:18

    Blue Avian?

      Reply this comment
  49. Greg Wainscott
    Greg Wainscott 27 July, 2015, 21:39

    Aspen Holly

      Reply this comment
  50. Jamie Bonello
    Jamie Bonello 27 July, 2015, 22:24

    Sam Zilic

      Reply this comment
  51. Katherin Burns
    Katherin Burns 27 July, 2015, 23:04

    Cosmetic surgery gone wrong? Thats the most likely possibility!

      Reply this comment
  52. Tiffy Zine
    Tiffy Zine 27 July, 2015, 23:11

    What’s the name of that movie again??

      Reply this comment
  53. Shaun Stead
    Shaun Stead 27 July, 2015, 23:48

    Maybe those are all the guns he took off of operatives who were sent to kill him.

      Reply this comment
  54. Fiona Yiannoullou
    Fiona Yiannoullou 28 July, 2015, 01:06

    Brent Niceforo Pix

      Reply this comment
  55. Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 28 July, 2015, 01:11

    Michael Jackson?

      Reply this comment
  56. Sean Burgess
    Sean Burgess 28 July, 2015, 01:11

    Alex Andreou

      Reply this comment
  57. Fenris Anderson
    Fenris Anderson 28 July, 2015, 02:57

    So Ethan Hawke is one as well?

      Reply this comment
  58. Daniel Lorenzo
    Daniel Lorenzo 28 July, 2015, 03:39

    thats michael jackson

      Reply this comment
  59. Paul Hakola
    Paul Hakola 28 July, 2015, 03:46

    outa here!

      Reply this comment
  60. GyPsy Aiseeah Jhaythore Lovelocke
    GyPsy Aiseeah Jhaythore Lovelocke 28 July, 2015, 04:12

    no you fools, that’s Voldemort!!!

      Reply this comment
  61. Natasha Campbell
    Natasha Campbell 28 July, 2015, 06:01

    Jack Syme

      Reply this comment
  62. Hipulan Domingo
    Hipulan Domingo 28 July, 2015, 13:20


      Reply this comment
  63. Andrew Demarest
    Andrew Demarest 28 July, 2015, 18:20

    i thought that was voldamort

      Reply this comment
  64. Gary Dixon
    Gary Dixon 28 July, 2015, 22:59

    if they are lying then where is his picture?

      Reply this comment

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