Scientists Want To Create A Synthetic Human Genome

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A very select group of scientists, lawyers, and industry leaders just met at Harvard Medical School in Boston to contemplate building an entirely synthetic human genome.

That means figuring out which chemicals are needed to create the 3 billion bases of DNA that sit inside the 23 pairs of chromosomes found inside every cell nucleus in our body.

Journalists were barred from the meeting, and participants were not allowed to tweet during the proceedings – both of which have raised suspicions that the ethical considerations involved in such a project are being overlooked.

The proposed project has been described as an ‘unofficial’ follow-up to the Human Genome Project, which saw thousands of scientists around the world read and record the entire sequence of the human genome.

The largest international collaboration ever undertaken in biology, the project ran for 13 years, finally completing the human genome on 13 April 2003.

Now, scientists want to do the whole thing again, but this time they’re not reading the human genome – they’re writing it.

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  1. Rebecca Ryder
    Rebecca Ryder 16 May, 2016, 15:24


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  2. Rebecca Ryder
    Rebecca Ryder 16 May, 2016, 15:25

    We are a synthetic human genome

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  3. Becca McMurray
    Becca McMurray 16 May, 2016, 15:28

    Yeah. I see no possible way that can go wrong. 😛

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  4. Becca McMurray
    Becca McMurray 16 May, 2016, 15:32

    Oh, never mind. The video’s from InfoWars. That basically just reduced it to an Onion article.

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  5. Edith Cstj
    Edith Cstj 16 May, 2016, 16:36

    W T F !!

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  6. Katmir Stone
    Katmir Stone 16 May, 2016, 16:42

    Too late

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  7. Bill Ortis
    Bill Ortis 16 May, 2016, 18:11

    I can only imagine its for military purposes.

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  8. Jojo-Indea Jarman
    Jojo-Indea Jarman 18 May, 2016, 12:20

    Doing it for years we don’t know about…until now

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