Scientists Claim The Universe Could Be Fake

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Everything you know may just be part of a Matrix-style simulation, according to physicists who claim that we could all be part of a giant game.

A new theory has suggested that our entire lives and memories may not be real, instead being part of a computer programme played by advanced robots.

The so-called ‘simulation argument’ has been theorised for several years, with noted academics including Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom, suggesting that the plot of The Matrix could be closer to real life than we think.

In the sci-fi classic, humans are bred in vats that are fed with simulations that make them believe they are living an ordinary life.

Scientists say that we could all be living in the future, and our life in 2015 is nothing more than a series of numbers in a computer programme.

It may sound like science fiction but scientists believe they may actually be able to PROVE that what you know isn’t what you know.

Marvin Minsky, one of the founders of artificial intelligence (AI) thinks that there may be tell-tale signs if the programmer of our mass simulation “has made some slips”.

He said that some laws of physics that “aren’t quite right” could be the start of being able to prove that the universe is a simulation.

Silas Beane, from the University of Bonn, suggested several years ago that if humans were to build a small-sale simulation of the universe we would be able to identify any constraints.

These constraints would include a cut-off in the spectrum of high energy particles – exactly the kind of cut off in the energy of cosmic rays.

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  1. Arturo Royal
    Arturo Royal 5 August, 2015, 23:04

    It’s not fake. It’s just not as “real” as we’ve been led to believe. Our mind is the “creator” of the universe. That’s what all ancient esoteric knowledge has hinted at, imo. Particles, “wave functions”, atoms, the etherial realms, etc, are all metaphors for our individual mind..we are gods in slumber..or in a coma, actually. lol

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    • Caner Ipek
      Caner Ipek 5 August, 2015, 23:17

      wow. You sir, have a great fantasy. Try writing books tho, let the thinking to the people called scientists

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    • Arturo Royal
      Arturo Royal 5 August, 2015, 23:19

      Thanks, man. lol As authors think as well, so it’s a great compliment. I just might write some. Also, I’m going to think what I want. You think what you want, and the scientists can think what they want. It’s all good.

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  2. Michael Davino
    Michael Davino 5 August, 2015, 23:44

    Ya think!!!???? everything else seems to be.

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  3. Bob Lafresh
    Bob Lafresh 6 August, 2015, 00:23

    When I was about 7 years old i had this idea I remember the exact time and place I was like it was yesterday. I was in my parents car driving to my grandparents when i had this idea that we were all living in simulation but I was thinking of it like a computer game cuz I was 7 and too young to understand what I was really thinking about. But it was such a revelation to me it was like as soon as I started thinking about it i had this feeling come over me like you feel when you get deja vu but times 1000. I remeber the exact crack in the sidewalk we were driving over when i had this feeling it was like everything just clicked in my mind somehow and i had this overwhelming feeling that everything I was looking at wasn’t what it seemed and that I was just going through something I had done many many times before and as many different people and animals. At that time I dont think I had much of an idea of reincarnation or anything of that nature we weren’t religious i dont think i had even been to church more than 3 times by that point and nobody had ever talked about anything even remotely close to that before and when I brought this up to my parents and friends everyone just said i had a great imagination and just pushed it off even though i pressed on about it for a long time. I looked in the library at school for anything related to this but i didnt know what terms to lookup or anything so all I could think to look was in the scary stories and mystery books but it never helped any. I eventually learned about what reincarnation was from an episode of unsolved mysteries and after that I knew what to lookup and have been trying to figure out what is really going on ever since. I learned about coast to coast am a couple years later from a guy I met at the library and thats when I started hearing the crazier theory’s that aligned with what i just had a feeling was really happening I cant explain that feeling but it ws like someone told me what was goin on or I had a memory of something from before idk Every time I drive by that spot on the road i think about that day still to this day 24 years later.

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  4. Lee J Skates
    Lee J Skates 6 August, 2015, 00:27

    Everything that exists seems to have a ‘beginning’ or ‘start’ and a ‘finish’ or an ‘end’ of some sort, which provides some form of definition. Where does the universe start and where does it end? does something need to have a defined form, a start and a finish to exist and be defined? If you cannot define something in logical physical terms how can it, does it exist?

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  5. Gregory Ray
    Gregory Ray 6 August, 2015, 00:53

    People just can’t let anyone be the boss. If you can’t find creation here you get an “F”. This universe is a petri dish and Gods the scientist. Everything is a product of the first culture.

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  6. John William Chisenall
    John William Chisenall 6 August, 2015, 01:10

    There are some lies in the truth and there are some truth in the lies and to put it frankly it’s pretty much all about perception and understanding of different realities different dimensions different room and the concept of frequencies and vibration

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  7. John William Chisenall
    John William Chisenall 6 August, 2015, 01:10

    I know but don’t forget the understanding of different types of energy

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  8. Miguelangel Rolón
    Miguelangel Rolón 6 August, 2015, 01:26

    Very interesting

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  9. Michael Scalice
    Michael Scalice 6 August, 2015, 01:39

    Josh Wicks

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  10. Dianne C Castillo
    Dianne C Castillo 6 August, 2015, 02:28

    I want to upgrade the fake of my life

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  11. Josh Wicks
    Josh Wicks 6 August, 2015, 02:49

    Susan Wicks

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  12. Sean O'Leary
    Sean O'Leary 6 August, 2015, 05:05

    Mike Moline

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  13. Thomas Breiter
    Thomas Breiter 6 August, 2015, 06:05

    it’s all fake….did’nt you know that???

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  14. Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 6 August, 2015, 14:36

    Not fake. It’s our perception of how to live that is fake. Make money, obey the leaders, that sort of thing. It’s somewhat similar to the movie They Live

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  15. Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 6 August, 2015, 14:40

    We do not create the universe with our minds. It was there long before we came to be. I agree that we are co-creators of many things, but it’s basically on how we live, how we treat ourselves and each other, how we can make choices, differences, stuff like that. We have nothing to do with the universe

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  16. Shaun Robert Milligan
    Shaun Robert Milligan 6 August, 2015, 14:57

    I hope it is. This place got weird and I want a refund once I wake up.

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  17. Learnie Omega Lawrence
    Learnie Omega Lawrence 6 August, 2015, 16:48

    its an infinite equation whose boundaries exceeds our imaginatins.

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  18. Raghu Raghunath
    Raghu Raghunath 6 August, 2015, 17:46

    we are on the path to eternity and understanding the whole universe-once we do it,we might get bored-like what the f i can create myself,i think only one of us- maybe among a trilllion trillion of humans that ever lived would attain such a stage that he will become like proffessor of the universe, may be to see how he became one he would make a simulation on how it happened -thats what this is?

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  19. Kirstyn MacLean
    Kirstyn MacLean 6 August, 2015, 19:48

    Thanks John Noble now I have another thing to freak out about

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  20. Jenny G Schwartz
    Jenny G Schwartz 7 August, 2015, 02:40

    Like duh

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  21. Joan Thomas
    Joan Thomas 7 August, 2015, 11:35


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  22. Abinanth Singaravelan
    Abinanth Singaravelan 7 August, 2015, 13:56

    Swetha V Raghav

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  23. Norman Santos
    Norman Santos 13 August, 2015, 12:58


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  24. Marilyn Todorov-Lindberg
    Marilyn Todorov-Lindberg 13 August, 2015, 13:17

    Everything is an illusion

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  25. Tony Reader
    Tony Reader 13 August, 2015, 13:22

    As in counterfeit?

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  26. Nathan Gibbins
    Nathan Gibbins 13 August, 2015, 13:36

    Bull shit

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  27. Gabriel Hkc
    Gabriel Hkc 13 August, 2015, 13:36

    religions say the world is an illusion…the scientists mayb rite

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  28. Bob Dillen
    Bob Dillen 13 August, 2015, 13:41

    Oh. You mean like this page ??

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  29. Wyatt Pinkerton
    Wyatt Pinkerton 13 August, 2015, 13:47

    I followed the rabbit

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  30. Andy Velasquez
    Andy Velasquez 13 August, 2015, 13:51

    Aracely Pech

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  31. Joseph Azzopardi
    Joseph Azzopardi 13 August, 2015, 13:53

    If the universe is fake so we are too?

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  32. Mark West
    Mark West 13 August, 2015, 14:00

    I heard about this year’s ago.

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  33. Nibiru Facts/Elenin Facts/2012/NWO/FEMA/Earth Quakes/T Cyclones etc

    it is, this is only 3d, wait until the Galactic Wave arrives by Sept 28th…. many of Us will transform into 5d <3

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  34. Stephen Crawford
    Stephen Crawford 13 August, 2015, 14:50

    No they claim it’s possibly holographic. Which would still be real

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  35. Jesse Misolanius Dekoven
    Jesse Misolanius Dekoven 13 August, 2015, 15:25

    Thats just dumb! The universe is not fake, it it were fake and we were fake then we wouldn’t have to eat food and sleep etc.. GTFOH

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  36. Moran Sharir
    Moran Sharir 13 August, 2015, 16:13

    Old news. Are old

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  37. Joshua Hayden Hadley
    Joshua Hayden Hadley 13 August, 2015, 16:20

    Plot twist we are all fake.

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  38. Ali Vatansever
    Ali Vatansever 13 August, 2015, 17:30

    Welcome to Matrix. Which pill dou you prefer? The Red one or the Blue One?

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  39. Robert Kuster
    Robert Kuster 13 August, 2015, 18:00

    This physical universe is really more of an illusion but one that we have decided to be part of and our ongoing Karma keeps us reembodying until we have balanced that Karma. It’s hard to explain and it does come down to believe and faith but I am 100% aware that this life is just one in many and that I have been here hundreds if not thousands of times before until I have passed my test and can move on as intended.

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