NASA: There May Be Alien Life In Our Solar System

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There might be alien life in our own solar system, Nasa has announced.

All of the necessary things to support life have been found on one of the moons that orbits Saturn.

Enceladus has chemicals that when found on Earth tend to indicate life, suggesting that there might be living things under its icy shell.

Scientists have long thought of Enceladus as one of the prime candidates for life within our solar system, in large part because of its subsurface ocean that covers its entire body.

But the new research gives the best look yet at that moon, showing that it has a chemical energy source capable of supporting life.


The new findings came from the Cassini spacecraft, which flew through a huge plume of water that was being shot out of the surface of Enceladus, as it did, the spacecraft took readings of the water and sent them back to Earth for further study.

That study found evidence of molecular hydrogen in those jets of vapour, that molecular hydrogen could only plausibly have come from hydrothermal reactions between hot rocks and water underneath the moon’s icy crust, the researchers claim.

On Earth, that same process provides energy for the ecosystems found around hydrothermal vents.


That hydrogen serves as an especially good food, and some of the most ancient life forms on Earth use it for fuel, the kind of life that may live on Enceladus, would likely eat that hydrogen and then release methane, which has also been found coming from the moon.

Further research found that the material Cassini flew through also included large amounts of carbon dioxide, molecular hydrogen and carbon dioxide are critical for the process of methanogenesis, a reaction that sustains microbes in similar dark, undersea environments on Earth.

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  1. Bernadette Boyce
    Bernadette Boyce 13 April, 2017, 23:49

    Satan operating through the global elite and the corrupt Catholic Church will use UFOS and “aliens “who are really demons to usher in NWO and the Antichrist . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about. The rapture is near “abductions” will be used as the excuse why so many go missing.

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  2. Alex Salazar
    Alex Salazar 13 April, 2017, 23:53

    It don’t take a scientist to figure that one out

      Reply this comment
  3. Brian Creasey
    Brian Creasey 14 April, 2017, 00:08

    Misdirection trash

      Reply this comment
  4. Dee Toma
    Dee Toma 14 April, 2017, 00:13

    They new this year’s ago

      Reply this comment
  5. Miriam Albacete Hunter
    Miriam Albacete Hunter 14 April, 2017, 00:20

    Yeah, NASA you aleady know there is an alien life in our solar system.

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  6. Juan de Leon
    Juan de Leon 14 April, 2017, 00:21

    Microbes is not good enough, we all wanna hear intelligent life.

      Reply this comment
  7. Dee Lee
    Dee Lee 14 April, 2017, 01:10

    im waiting for nasa to admit they’ve been lying and they cant go to outerspace and the earth is flat not a globe.

      Reply this comment
    • Nick Kirby
      Nick Kirby 14 April, 2017, 02:08

      Looks like you have been researching on that weird part of YouTube again lol

        Reply this comment
    • Dee Lee
      Dee Lee 14 April, 2017, 22:50

      actually read 100 proofs the earth is not a globe, Richard Byrd’s diaries,Worlds beyond the poles, including the many scientific experiments and government documents proving the numbers don’t add up.

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  8. Luis Peres
    Luis Peres 14 April, 2017, 01:22

    Drip…drip…drip… 😉

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  9. Kristen Lance
    Kristen Lance 14 April, 2017, 01:31

    Well no duh!!

      Reply this comment
  10. Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 14 April, 2017, 03:50

    As long as we don’t call it “Kalvin”, we’ll be right.

      Reply this comment
  11. Vumani Vee Moyo
    Vumani Vee Moyo 14 April, 2017, 04:42

    microbial life form don’t count!

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  12. King Krued
    King Krued 14 April, 2017, 04:48

    They already know, just a matter of of full disclosure. The implications are still being verified or not.

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  13. Chris Biron
    Chris Biron 14 April, 2017, 05:09

    Dear Alien group,We are not alone I the universe.This I know for a fact.We catalogued 175 different alien species that visit Earth including The Pleadians,and The Syrians from Sirius star system.Yes folks,one day the truth will be revealed by the govt.Then I will say to all y’all.Told ya so.Dont have a conception when you learn the truth that there has been a massive cover up,because those same aliens told the U.S govt they felt like the American people are not able to accept the real truth.Thats the reason why the govt kept it hush,hush for so long.Oh by the way,when you see Jupiter you say to yourself.It is just a gas planet.Oh,no,what we have been told about Jupiter is totaly inaccurate.The pictures you see of planets have been touched up by NASA.There is something there,and on Mars.Dont kid yourself.

      Reply this comment
    • Jacob O'Brien
      Jacob O'Brien 14 April, 2017, 05:50

      Have you personally catalogued 175 alien species? What if the alien agenda is another misinformation act to mask an enclosed cosmology which is seeming ever more apparent? Does anyone really have any personally attained evidence that proves our solar system and outer space even exists?

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  14. Frann Brothers
    Frann Brothers 14 April, 2017, 06:46

    PLZ take me away…

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  15. Kodandarama Raghavendra
    Kodandarama Raghavendra 14 April, 2017, 07:19

    Actually humans are aliens on earth who came to destroy earth:)

      Reply this comment
  16. Hendrick Paulsie
    Hendrick Paulsie 14 April, 2017, 08:42

    yeah, but that we know already for a long time, nothing new…

      Reply this comment
  17. Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 14 April, 2017, 09:43

    As for alien life, it’s no surprise, it’s physically impossible for us to be the only life in existence throughout space.

      Reply this comment
    • Kimberly Stravers-Kehrt
      Kimberly Stravers-Kehrt 16 April, 2017, 01:30

      Ecactly!!! There is NO WAY no way POSSIBLE that we DO NOT live in a MULTIPOPULATED UNIVERSE. And it’s HIGHLY POSSIBLE that we are just 1 universe of a MULTIVERSE…..
      Just my thoughts anyhow……

        Reply this comment
    • Richard Wilson
      Richard Wilson 16 April, 2017, 06:28

      Back in 1991 or 92, i was living in York, we as in about 7 of us were gathered on the balcony having tea, two of us were looking at the sky as it was a beautiful day, we both saw a silver object quite high up, it just sat there for several minutes, then it moved​ like nothing can on earth. We observed it for about five minutes or so, then it went straight up and disappeared. Next day we read in the paper that the RAF had sent two fighter jets to intercept an unidentified object. However, we didn’t see any jets that day.

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  18. Wayne Mulder Harman
    Wayne Mulder Harman 14 April, 2017, 09:58

    Tell us something we don’t know

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  19. Sezhian Vescara
    Sezhian Vescara 14 April, 2017, 11:04

    It didn’t say that

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  20. Roy Domingo
    Roy Domingo 14 April, 2017, 11:23

    Humans are killing each other!dont show your self because humans are stupid

      Reply this comment
  21. Dan Brittain
    Dan Brittain 14 April, 2017, 11:30


      Reply this comment
  22. Jerry Hopper
    Jerry Hopper 14 April, 2017, 14:08

    Bring Elvis back ..

      Reply this comment
  23. Tweetysme Smith
    Tweetysme Smith 14 April, 2017, 16:46

    Well Duhhhhh

      Reply this comment
  24. Jeff Parham
    Jeff Parham 14 April, 2017, 21:55

    Wait, NASA is saying there might be alien life in our solar system. HA! Those guys crack me up.

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  25. Sam Cabais
    Sam Cabais 15 April, 2017, 01:09

    Where are the aliens?Are they hiding to us?

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