Strange Lights Spotted Floating Over Oahu

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Mash Hatae says he woke up at around 2:30 a.m. to get some water, and bright lights in the sky caught his eye.

The lights were recorded from Kakaako at around 2:30 a.m while floating over either Central or West Oahu, the video shows the two bright lights, and then a little later, another one appears out of nowhere.

The Federal Aviation Administration did not receive any unusual reports, but they were most probably produced by trainings at nearby military bases.

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  1. Kenny de Bijl
    Kenny de Bijl 9 December, 2017, 19:09

    Danny Kolkman

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  2. Danny Kolkman
    Danny Kolkman 9 December, 2017, 20:17

    Marrek Hondelink

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  3. Matthias Schulz
    Matthias Schulz 9 December, 2017, 22:30

    All indigenoius legends state that they have always been there … please do not act that surprised … you should have listened !

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  4. Adrian Schlemmer
    Adrian Schlemmer 10 December, 2017, 02:13

    Stealth drones

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  5. Alejandro Emiliano Marques
    Alejandro Emiliano Marques 11 December, 2017, 10:52


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  6. James Stamford
    James Stamford 13 December, 2017, 04:07

    Yes, flares typically set in one position. Not to take into account there is always a constant breeze blowing over the islands. Been there many times and there is always a small 2-5 mph wind blowing… it is an island in the middle of the PAC. When have you ever seen a free falling object not be influenced by the winds and when have you seen a flare that bright? if they were flares they would be moving across the sky, and flares come on and stay one, they dont systematically go on and off. Are people really that afraid to admit the possibility ?

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